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A Skincare Fridge



For all you beauty obsessed people out there, skincare refridgerators are the beauty item you never you needed until now...


If you want to up your game in the self care department, the mini-skincare fridge might be something to consider getting.



Yes, Yes, A Beauty Fridge!!


You know you want one!!


There are so many benefits of putting your expensive beauty products in a skincare fridge.  Here are the reasons a beauty fridge is just amazing:


1) Keep your products fresh and they will last longer.  You can extend their recommended shelf life.


2) Applying chilled products to your face has an added benefit of taking away puffiness and redness.


3) Keeping products in a fridge in your room helps prevent roomies or kids from using all your products.


4) Keeping your supplements, topical products and beauty drinks all in one location helps you keep a holistic approach to your beauty and wellness routine.


5) The best part of the fridge is it reminds you to use your precious expensive products!


Here are a few brands to choose from:

Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator

Saranghae Blue Moon Beauty Fridge
$79.00 from Saranghae


FaceTory Fridge Coral
$99.00 from FaceTory


Frigidaire Mini Retro Beverage Fridge 

Chefman Portable Personal Fridge Black
$32.99 from Target



Here is a list of the best beauty items to keep in your mini-fridge:

(you may need more than one fridge if you have all these)


- Sheets and eye masks work wonders when kept cold. It helps calm redness, destress and de-puff skin.

 - Eye cream is so great to keep cold because it helps reduce puffiness and feels great when chilled.

- Facial mist sprays won't get crusty or gross if kept cold. 

- Lipsticks will stay in their correct shape if kept cold. No more melted lipsticks!

- Organic beauty products made without preservatives can go bad quickly if they are not chilled.

- Sunscreen is good to keep cold because it keeps the SPF working longer.

- Nail polish - keeping in a fridge extends the life of it and keeps it from drying out or turning clumpy.

- Vitamins and supplements last longer if kept cool, especially fish oils.

- Probiotics or prebiotics should be kept in a fridge to ensure they remain stable.   

- Beauty drinks such as coconut water should definitely be kept in a fridge for maximum freshness.

- Hair and skin oils such as argan oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil will last much longer if kept cold.

- Perfumes and essential oils can go rancid if they get hot, so best to keep them cool.

- Serums such as vitamin C are sensitive to oxygen, light and temperature. Don't waste that expensive serum! Keep it in your fridge.






There are a ton of fancy specially designed beauty fridge options to choose from in pretty pastel colors, or you can just get yourself a regular mini fridge and bling it out just the way you like. 











If you're keeping up with beauty trends on instagram then you've probably seen the hashtag, #minifridgeshelfie, which is basically people taking photos of their products in their mini-fridge.









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