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Get a Responsive Salon or Spa Website


What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design is and approach where the web designer creates a website that dynamically responds to the browser or device, and resizes and reformats the website for optimal viewing experience.    If you have a salon or spa website that isn't optimized for tablets and mobile phones, you may be leaving potential customers out to dry.   


Growing Mobile Traffic

It is now estimated that over 52% of all web traffic comes from mobile phone devices, so its more important than ever to have a website that is optimized for all devices.    For the Beauty and Fitness industry, estimates show that as much as 65% of web traffic may come from mobile phones.  *


Responsive Website Layouts

Traditional websites have fixed layouts, with specific widths and positions defined for each element.   The problem with this approach is that if the layout is fixed, the site will be scaled down for viewing on mobile, and text may become too small to read, and links to small to press.  Responsive websites use layouts that have flexible, floating elements that automatically resize and reposition themselves depending on the browser capabilities.   If the browser is a phone, the website will automatically adapt its layout and present itself in a mobile friendly form.  


Improved Search Rankings with Mobile Friendly Website

In addition to providing your users and potential customers with a better experience, having a mobile friendly, responsive website can improve your search rankings as well.  This will drive more traffic to your business.  


Keys to a Great Salon or Spa Responsive Website

* Responsive web design layout that dynamically adjusts to browser device

* Dynamically loaded page elements that scale down data requirements for mobile

* Custom style sheets that render text and page elements differently based on browser

* Optimized user interface menus and navigation based on device


SalonBuilder Responsive Website Designs for Salons and Spas

Check out for an extensive selection of responsive website designs that are optimized for the beauty and personal care industry.  SalonBuilder has over 100 web designs total, and offers a complete solution for you business, including a responsive website, free domain, free domain email, booking calendar, email marketing tools, sms texting, and more advanced options for live appointment booking, gift certificate sales, product sales, and more.  


Over 100 Salon Website Designs:
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Responsive Spa Website Designs


*According to Stone Temple statistics 2018


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