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The Summer Pedicure

Summertime means the demand for pedicures goes way up.  Women flock to nail salons in droves to get their winter dry skin slothed away, and get pretty polished toes to show off in a new pair of summer sandals.


Market research shows that women will, on average, get more pedicures from nail salons than hair appointments this summer.  That's a lot of pedicures!


Nail salons can take advantage of this boost in a demand for pedicures by offering incentives, like promotions on upgrades for foot exfoliating treatments and massage treatments.  Group rates, and discounts for spa pedicures parties are another great idea for salons to use this summer.


Sales on gel manicures and pedicures also go up during summer.  If you've spent any time at the beach over the summer you probably know that the fastest way to ruin a traditional mani/ pedi is some time in the sand and sea.  Putting your feet in the sand might be a relaxing way to spend time on a hot summers day, but it can easily turn a shiny pedicure into dull looking toes.  


The best way to avoid a beach time pedicure disaster is to get a gel pedicure.  Gel pedicures have the advantage of staying shiny and beautiful even after a trip to the beach.  They also last longer, and look great with your favorite pair of summer sandals.  Gel pedicures will outlast all your favorite outdoor summer activities, from swimming, beach volleyball, backyard barbeques to just spending time in the sun.  


Upselling gel manicures and pedicures is a great idea for salons in the summer months - offering discounts and add ons like floral designs are a great way to get your clients to spend more time and money in your salon.  Another good idea is stock up on nail jewels because who doesn't love to show off some bling when roaming around in flip flops in the summer.


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