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Reasons To Love J-Beauty


For the last few years the beauty industry has been raving about K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) brands.  Korean beauty brands such as Dr. Brand and others have seen huge growth in global product sales over the last couple of years, and gained legions of fans worldwide.  


Meanwhile,  under the radar Japanese Beauty brands have been quietly gearing up for what could potentially be the biggest beauty trend of 2018.   Winds of change may be on the horizon as J-Beauty is set to take center stage.


Popular Japanese beauty brands are nothing new.  Some of the most successful Japanese beauty brands like Shiseido have been around for years, and boast some of the biggest global sales numbers and best reviews on beauty sites like Sephora.  Back in the 1990's, when I was a kid, I remember my mom was using Shishedo products.


While Korean brands made their entrance to the global beauty industry to huge fan fair, star power and lots of media buzz, Japanese companies have taken a more low key approach to marketing and branding by relying more heavily on product reviews by beauty experts and make-up artists.


There are many critics that have noted that while there are many great Korean brands and products, the overwhelming marketing strategy and product inventory can be overly gimmicky, and not necessarily the highest quality products.   Korean branding strategy seems to be focused on a younger demographic by producing cheaper products, with kitschy, flashy packaging designs and advertising methods.  


The focus this year may shift though due to competition from Japanese brands, especially in Asian beauty markets. The forecast seems to be heading more towards products based expert advice and reviews from skin care professionals that give a greater edge to more high end brand names and products.  Many Japanese brands rely on measurable product results and product performance reviews to market their products which has great potential for growth this year.  The Japanese approach has been focused on quality - which maybe the thing that sets them apart in the growing globalization of the Asian beauty market. 


Another edge Japanese brands are leading on is the demand for what is being dubbed as "clean beauty".   The term"Clean Beauty" refers to the growing demand for products that are free of any ingredients that may have negative or harmful health effects.   A new emphasis on overall wellness is on the rise among consumers who want products that are free of toxic ingredients that may harm their over all long term health.  This new phenomenon is set to have a major impact on product sales, and may become the biggest trend in beauty this year.   


We are on the look out for Japanese branding and products that have an emphasis on the clean beauty trend.






















We've been busy checking out the buzz and testing out products to give you our take on which Japanese brands and products are the best buys to add to your beauty tool kit...



Our Top Favorite Japanese Beauty Products





Waso - Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream

by Shiseido

$38 from Sephora


Shiseido is one of the global leaders in high end beauty products that garner rave reviews for their anti-aging benefits and hydrating properties.


Waso Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream is formulated with carrots which have a high water content and also contains potent nutrients that help create the ultra hydrating power of this moisturizer.  This cream will have your skin feeling soft and moisturized all day long.


It also contains other ingredients like Glycylglycine, that help clear pores and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.  


The whole Waso line of products by Shiseido is designed to hydrates skin while targeting oiliness, blemishes and visible pores.   This line is perfect for combination or oily skin types.  






Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara

$12 - $20 depending on where you buy it - it's available on

(can be hard to find - but sometimes available on Amazon)


Created by Japanese celebrity, Aya Yasuda, Fairydrops is the most popular mascara in Japan and is now quickly gaining a cult following by beauty bloggers in the US as well.   This mascara has a curved wand designed to give you doll like lashes, and a smudge-proof, water resistant, hydrating formula that will leave your lashes looking long and glossy.   


Since it is a waterproof mascara designed to stay put all day, you need to use an oil based make-up remover to wash it off at night.







Cure Natural Aqua Gel

$28 on Amazon


This miracle cleanser sloths away dead skin cells while leaving your skin soft and moisturized.   This is the top selling cleanser in Japan for a reason.  Packed with natural plant extracts of rosemary, ginko and aloe vera, this water based exfoliating cleanser will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and soft.


The gel formula is like a peel but much more gentle.  You apply the gel to wet skin, and then allow it to sit for a minute.  Then you use a cicular motion to clean off the product.  It does an amazing job of cleaning pores and clearing away dry skin.  


I can't say enough wonderful things about this product.   A friend recommended this product to me, and now I can't live without it!




DHS Deep Cleansing Oil

$28 at


This wonder product is exaclty what you need to remove stubborn makeup products.  It's especially good at removing water-proof mascara.  


It's formulated with olive oil and emulsifies into a cleansing milk as you rinse.  It leaves your skin will feeling refreshed and balanced.  








SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

$180 for a 5 ounce bottle at Nordstrom


The high price tag is justified for this multitasking super serum which has been a best seller for years and won numerous beauty awards.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is made from 90% Pitera™ - a bio-ingredient packed with vitamins, organic acids, minerals and amino acids that renew skin cells.  This miracle serum has a multitude of anti-aging and overall skin benefits such as, refining skin texture, repairs elasticity, hydrates and protects, evens skin tone and increases luminosity.


Though this product has been on the market for a while, it still remains at the top of list of favorite, and most coveted products of all time.






Hatomugi Skin Conditioner


$12 on


Using a natural plant extract known in English as Job's tears, a plant that is renowned across Asia for it's natural healing properties.


This skin conditioner is an all around great product for keeping skin soft.  It can be used just as moisturizer, or as an ultra hydrating mask.
It's lightweight formula is easily absorbed into the skin leaving your skin feeling hydrated.   This conditioner is also good for reducing redness, and inflammation.   It can be used on your face day or night.


To use it like a moisturizing mask, all you need is to soak a few cotton pads with the product and place them on your face.   Lie down for about 10 minutes with the pads on your face.  Then remove the pads from your face to get an extra level of hydration.




Lululun Face Masks

$30 for a 32 sheet box on Amazon


Lululun sheet masks come in a multitude of colors - each one having a different formula for different uses.  The blue box is designed to provide intensive moisturizing.


These little sheet masks are so easy to use, and leave you with a dewy complexion.   You just apply the mask to cleansed skin and then wait for about 10 or 15 minutes before removing.  


The masks are chemical and fragrance free.   These little masks are jam packed with ingredients like citric acid,  royal jelly extract , hyaluronic acid, Algae and fruit extracts,  They are very gentle on your skin, and very inexpensive which makes them perfect for everyday use.



So what are you waiting for!  Time to go shopping and get your beauty on!


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