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Temporary Hair Color


Viral Color Shampoo









Bright colors, pastel hues and pops of color are all the rage in hair trends this year.   If you are not quite sure about trying unusual colors on your hair, or are just looking for a temporary pop of color there are some easy shampoo options that might be perfect for you.


One of my favorite products is Viral shampoo by Celeb Luxury.  Viral shampoos come in a variety of colors from bright blue and vibrant red and majenta hues to more subtle shades of pastel pink or baby blue.   This temporary hair tint is super easy to use and requires very little commitment since it washes out after a week or so.   You can just wash the color into your hair in the shower and then voila - beautiful, shiny shades of color appear in your hair.


I've been a huge fan of this product ever since my stylist told me about it.  Recently I have been getting pink highlights in my hair when I get my color done and after the pink fades I just use this shampoo to bring some of that lovely pastel pink shade back.  


You can shapoo in some pops of color just on one or two areas of your hair for a more subtle look or you can go all out and shampoo all of your hair.


Since this product is designed for professional styists it can be tricky to buy.  You can purchase it from your local salon, or you can also order it online from Amazon.   


Also, since these are professional grade products always read the directions before using them and be careful not to get it in your eye or too much on your skin.



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