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Color Trend - Blorange

Is 'blorange' the color of the year?   If instagram's current trends are any indication, blorange is set to be the most on trend color for 2017.


After seeing that 'blorange' was trending on twitter and instagram last week, I felt pretty excited considering just the day before noticing this my stylist had given me a color that seemed like it may just fit that description.   


I'm one of those lucky people that has a stylist who is always on top of all the latest color and hair trends right when they happen.  She's like a hair magician who's fantastic talents always keep my hair looking perfectly in line with global hair trends.   She is the best -


So what is blorange hair?  Well, according to some articles on the internet,  it's a color combination of blonde and orange, and is kind of an off-shoot of last years top trending color 'rose-gold'.  At first glance they are really similar, but this newest color trend leans a little more into the warmer hues to give off a not-quite orange look to lightened or blonde hair.   


The fun thing about these colors is that they start off really intense and then gradually fade back to blonde after a few weeks.  The color looks a little bit different each time you wash your hair so by the time the color has almost all faded the lightest parts of you hair just have a warm-rosey tinge to it.


Thinking of trying this orangey hue out for yourself?  I would recommend taking a trip to see your stylist to make sure they mix up the right comnination of colors for your hair/ skin type.  This is definitely not one of those DIY colors!  Going to see a professional colorist is key.  This color doesn't require a big commitment as it will fade to whatever shade of blonde or lightened hair color that your stylists creates for your underneath the tinted pink-orange shade - so if you don't love it it will wash out after a week or so.  That being said, if your experience is anything like mine, and apparently thousands of other people on instagram, be prepared to fall in love with the summery color of sunset.


Here's what my hair looked like right after I had it done...





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