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Achieving 2018 Health Goals


It's that time of year again.  The time to reflect on the year just past, and make resolutions for the year ahead.   Many of us have set our minds on goals like losing weight, working out regularly, and achieving optimal health and wellness.   


It can be difficult to stick with a diet plan, fitness or weight loss plan all year, especially if that plan is really ambitious.  For many people, going from not working out at all, or very little, to committing to working out several times a week can end up being an unsustainable goal.    Sticking with very strict diet is very hard to do for a full year, and over committing yourself to a very lofty goal can leave you feeling like you've failed.  It's important to set yourself up for success by creating realistic expectations and goals.


This year, why not try something a little different.  Set yourself up for wellness, weightloss and fitness success by following a few simple guidlelines, and ideas for getting your year off to a great start.



How to Stay on Track with your Weight and Fitness Goals:



1)  Make a Less/More List


Make a list of things you would like to do less of this year and on the other side make a list of more things to do as a positive alternative.   This is a simple step that can help you stay on track by making small changes to your everyday routine, diet and everyday life.  Often the smallest of changes can have a profound effect on your mental and physical well being. 





























This is a great way to make some positive affirmations to start off your year, and since there's no real method of measuring exactly how much or how little you complete these goals, it has a high chance of success.   This list is an easy reminder to refer too during the year to help you take baby steps towards acheiving your bigger goals.


2)  Make Mantras: 


Instead of making a long list of resolutions that can set you up for failure, choose one word as a personal mantra for the new year.  It could even be two or three words.  Find emotions that are important to you, and focus on living right by them. 


Phrases that are meaningful to you can help you have the strength to continue on your wellness path when you are doubting yourself or feeling like giving up.  Repeat your phrase or word to yourself this year when you want to refocus yourself.   Keep your mantra posted somewhere you will see it - or make it your homescreen on your phone or computer.


Here are some examples: 


Words like:  Happiness, courage, strength, joy, generosity, simplicity, persistance. 


Phrases like:  Find your calm.  I believe in myself.  Everything I need is within me.  Be brave and generous.  Just do it.  I am fearless.  


The idea of success or failure is irrelevant with this simple strategy - it's about setting yourself up for a mindful journey towards words that are meaningful to you and your goals for the year.


3)  Make a Vision Board


You can cut out photos from a magazine and stick them to a bulletin board, or fill up a binder with photos that inspire you.   It doesn't really matter what method you use to create your board.  The most important thing is that you create a collection of images that are meaningful to you. 


My personal favorite way to make a vision board is to make a private pinterest page titled something  like Vision Board 2018 - and fill it with all your hearts desires from pins that inspire you, and represent goals and dreams.



5) Join a 30 Day Fitness or Wellness Challenge


It's a much more managable comitment to say I will try something challenging for one month as compared
with trying to comit to soemthing for a full year.  You are much more likely to complete your goal, and you can always continue your challenge one month at a time.  Once you've made it through the first challenge you can feel more confident to try a 365 Day challenge, and set youself a major goal for the year, like hiking up a mountain or running  marathon. 


Your goal could also be something as simple as fitting into that favorite pair of old jeans that you wish you could wear again.  This type of goal is one you can feel really proud of when the year is complete.  


The best part of joining a challenge is being part of a community of people who you can connect with, and who have similar goals.  Having a community of support can help motivate you when you need it, and help you feel like you are being held accountable to stick with your goals.  There are tons of online and in person communities out there for you to join.  Go for it!


Here are a few online community group challenges to check out for inspiration on how to get started:






Nike Training Club


Fitness Buddy


6) Clean House


There's no need to wait until Spring to give purge your house of foods and items that keep you stuck in the past.  Giving your house a good clean, and clear out your pantry of any foods or drinks that will keep you from reaching your weightloss and health goals.  It's a lot easier to stay on track with your goals if there are no foods to tempt you into giving up or setting you back. 


 Clearing your space of old dusty magazines, old clothes you don't plan to wear again, and random items that gather dust in corners are a great thing to let go of on your path to a new lifestyle.   Out with the old, in the with new, as they say.


7) Keeping Track


One of the most important steps you can take towards meeting your health goals this year is to keep track of your progress.   Any method of tracking your progress will work.  You can write down notes in a journal everyday or you can track your food on an app on your phone.  Whatever your method, the most important thing is that you can see what you have acheived on a daily basis and what is working for you.



Technology has certainly made this step easier if writing things down is not really your thing.  Apps like MyFitnessPal are perfect for counting your calories and tracking your daily food and exercise.   One of the best things about apps like these and online community groups is that you have a social group of support to talk to you and lift you up when you are struggeling, and also be there to show support for all your success.  


Let be 2018 be a successful year on your journey to reach your health and wellness goals!










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