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Mobile Massage Trend


The success of the mobile food truck indsutry has created a great model for other businesses to follow in their footsteps. There is now a growing demand for more mobile businesses.



The spa and wellness industry has taken notice, and we are now starting to see mobile trucks pop up in the healthcare and wellness sector.  They offer everything from spa services like massages or facials to wellness check ups and pedicures .


Mobile massage therapists in particular (food truck style) are growing in number and popularity.   You could soon be able to walk out for your lunch break; grab a quick bite to eat and get a nice massage while you are out.   The mobile spa experience is a niche market with a lot of potential for growth in the spa, wellness industry.


Just as it's hard to passby that mobile cupcake truck, or lobster roll truck without stopping to grab a bite, it's also hard to resist the lure of a nice spa experience and massage if you have an extra 30 minutes or so to stop.  People don't often take the time to schedule a much needed massage appointment when they are home since the business of everyday life can get in the way.  However, if you are out and about and you walk past a massage truck on your lunch break, you just might remember how much you really need one.


Convienience and comfort are the name of the game in the success of this new trend.  Besides stepping out and stopping by a massage truck, you could also give them a call and have the massage delivered right to your door.  What's more convenient than staying right at home?



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