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Cardio Barre - Richard Giorla

Master Class with Richard Giorla


I recently took a Cardio Barre master class with the founder, Richard Giorla.   As a huge fan of Cardio Barre, it was a rare and fantastic experience to have.   I was really able to see why his teaching method and the workout he created, Cardio Barre, has become so popular with people everywhere.  Not only was the class a serious workout - burning something like 460 calories per session - but it was also an inspirational experience.   While sweating it out durngthe session Richard was entertaining and funny,  and also gave us words of wisdom.  He stressed the importance of good nutrition, correct workout form and technique and even discussed harnessing the power of your mind to push yourself to be great each day.   


Richard created the Cardio Barre workout and founded the wildly popular franchise.  He bagan his career as a talented  dancer and choreographer appearing on stages and film, with over 30 years of experience and classical training in dance.   He developed Cardio Barre, one of today's hottest fitness workouts that focuses on excercises that dancers use to get their long, lean, sculpted phisiques.

He began his first studio in Studio City, California.  After hearing the life changing experiences from his clientele, he franchised his fitness method and concept by developing the Cardio Barre Franchise, LLC. in 2007.



Richard is also the author of the book 'Raise the Barre' and co-owns a dance wear store called Dancers Barre in los Angeles.


I would absolutely recommend this workout to anyone wanting to acheive the next level of fitness, and get that dancers physique.   You don't have to be a dancer, or former dancer to love it.  Cardio Barre incorportates all the benefits of a serious workout routine and leave you feeling taller, leaner, stronger and more confident.  


Richard's Mission Statement is "To empower people to transform their lives throughfitness, education, motivation and passion."   -Richard Giorla

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