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Sunscreen of the Future

The Future of Sun Protection and Sun Tans are here...


Is it possible that skin cancer and sunburns will be soon become a thing of the past?  Will getting a tan become safe again - and darker skin tones become the new average for everyone?   


Scientists are currently paving the way for safer sun experiences by developing  sunscreen alternatives which naturally block harmful UV rays at the cellular level.   These alternative solutions in sun-protection may become reality in the very near future.



Scientists at the University of California,  San Diego are at the center of a revolution in the development of more effective sunscreens.  New technology in the field of skin cancer prevention is leading us towards a new age of sunscreens.


Researchers are creating sythetic melanin which acts as a natural UV-blocking layer around skin cells that form a natural protective barrier for skin.   The melanin-imitating nanoparticles would be essentially be introduced into the body via topical creams or some other application, and then distribute the melanin to cells in the body.   The effect of the treatment creates a natural sun-block against cancer causes UV rays,  and also darkens skin tone.


We may soon see products with synthetic melanin on the market that offer a more effective method of sun protection beyond conventional sunscreens.   These new products may also produce the tans of the future since a side effect of the melanin is more bronzed looking skin.   Soon, we may say good-bye to tanning beds and tanning creams, and say hello to naturally protected, evenly bronzed skin.


Check out the article from Scientic American magazine below:



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