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Mens Hair Trends

Men's hair trends this year are all about the rugged masculine vibe mixed with edgy refinement.   Top trends for Fall are some classic hair cuts with a modern edge like undercuts with a slick pompadour styling on top, or medium length messy top mixed with a clean fade.  Not to mention the beard trend seems to be hanging on, only now it's paired with clean, closely cropped haircuts to produce a more modern look.  


Facial Hair For The Modern Man

There seems to be two distinct camps on men with a lot of facial hair - you either REALLY love it or REALLY hate it!  Beards and mustaches are back with a bang this Fall, often combined with short cropped, masculine hair cuts to get that rugged meets refined look.  


Facial hair is a statement to be sure, and there are so many variations to rock right now, whether it's a full blown bushy beard or a closely timmed, jaw hugging look, men's facial hair has seen a resurgance in popular culture the last few years and seems poised to stick around for a while.  The humble beard has a dearly devoted legion of fans that have given facial hair a whole new vibe.  Don't be surprised if you see a man in a slick suit sporting a thick beard and a razor edged fade sitting next to a bearded hipster in a plaid shirt and jeans.  There are even lines of products on the market espeically for facial hair management, like beard oils and mustache wax.   


The Undercut

Originally a 1920's style that was made popular again in the 1990's by boy bands, this style allows you to keep your hair semi-longish on top, while still having a cleaner look overall.   The most popular version of this cut is characterized by messy hair on top and shorn very short  underneath.  Lots of sports stars and celebrities are getting into this look like David Beckham,  Miguel, Mario Gomez, Usher, Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake.  


The Man Bun

Since Bohemian style is big in fashion this year, the 'man bun' is on trend for Fall.  Just ask Brock O'Hurn, the unofficial 'King of The Man Bun' and instagram sensation.  Since he started posting videos tutorials of how he styles his long, wavy locks into a man bun he has garnished a following of over 2 million followers!  His popularity is proof that the long, Viking hair and man bun is here to stay this Fall.  


Looking for some man bun how to tips?  Brock O'hurn has the low down -


Even Buzz Feed did an article about him...


Pimped Out Pompadour

Hipsters everywhere love this look, especially when worn with a mustache.   It's similar to the under-cut since the hair on top is left long and the rest of the hair is closely cropped, the difference being in the styling.  To get a proper pompadour, when the hair is wet use some pomade for the hair on top and comb through the hair.  Then, using long sweeping strokes, gently guide the sides up and towards the back into a taper.  Then tackle the front in the same manner only comb it up and back, slightly off to the side.  The idea is to give your hair some volume, and get that rebel, bad boy hair.  It might need a bit of hair spray to keep it in place. This look can be very high maintenance, but when done properly really has adds a lot of sex appeal. 


Warrior Top Knot

What sets this style apart from the traditional man bun is instead of having all over long hair, this style features closely cropped or shaved hair underneath, while the top remains long enough to twist on top of the head into a tight top knot. 


Variations Of The Fade

Is really on trend right now.  The cut is basically longer hair on top with the sides and back gradually 
fade shorter and shorter towards the bottom, hence the term 'fade'.  This look is one part clean cut mixed with one part bad boy style.  There are many variations on a fade style.  It can be paired with a beard, have some razor cuts for an even edgier look, or have a pompadour on top for an even more dramatic effect.


Classic Side Part Revised

This was basically the go to hair cut for men back in the 1950's.  To bring this classic look into the modern world a little bit of roughness does the trick, or the addition of some nicely placed razor edge cuts to give an edgy vibe.  The signature for this hair cut is short and clean on the sides with long layers on top that are parted heavy on one side and combed over with a gel product or pomade.  Once the product is dry, using your fingers to tussle it up just a bit, or if it's really curly to add in some messy twists will give this old classic a more youthful vibe.


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