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Nail art is becoming more and more popular every year, and shaping up to me every girls best accessory.  With so many new techniques, color variety and decals there is no shortage of fresh ideas and exciting trends to try.


On the runways, models are rocking the latest in nail art trends as a featured accessory along side the latest in fashion.  For 2015 we are seeing  lot of the following trends in nail art:


- Negative Space Nails - graphic looks with triangular and squared off negative space where the natural nail color comes through.  Another twist on the negative space nail is to have a light color, like coral in a moon shape on the bed of the nail while the rest of the nail is left with just a clear top coat.


- Jewel Drops - Bejewelled is no longer only for clothing - there are tons of 3-dimensional nail jewellry making a sparkling appearance on fingertips everywhere.


- Stickers - Making it even easier to apply to perfect nail color, stickers are all the rage, with so many patterns and designs to choose from.  The new sticker varieties last for weeks and don't chip.


- Pastel colors - Pastels are in this season and that goes for nails too - nail color manufacturers have realeased tons of new colors inspired by this seasons pallete, so you can always match your nails to your look.

- Bright White - All white is back in style again - only now we are seeing it with one finger accents or with a gold stripe on each nail.  


- Earthy Tan Colors - With the BOHO look in full swing this year, neutral, earthy toned nails are in.

- Grey nail colors -  Grey is BIG in fashion right now  - everything from grey hair, grey accessories and now grey nails too, and there are at least 50 shades to choose from.

- Black Mashup - The new black is to mix and match black polish with different colors like nude, camel, brown, grey, bright red and white.  Black mixed with metallics and different patterns.


- Shiny and Matte Together - Another variation on the black color trend is to have black matte colored nails with one stripe of extra shiny black at the top - like a black French manicure.



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