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Natural Black Hair Inspiration

There is definitely a Natural Hair Movement happening now, and that is a great thing.  Celebrities and beauty icons such as Lupita Nyong'O, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams and Willow Smith (just to name a few) have been rockin' their natural hair lately and inspiring and empowering women of color everywhere.  Variations on black hair styles have never been more diverse than they are today, and kinky, curly textures have become more celebrated in pop culture in recent times.   As we are seeing more and more women with beautiful, more natural hairstyles we wonder if this a trend that's here to stay.


As a society we still have a long way to go when it comes to letting hair just be hair, and not putting some kind of judgment based on how somebody chooses to wear their hair.  Whether or not naturally kinky hair is just a current hair trend or a style that's here to stay is a question that should be discussed.  The bigger question however, should be about how we think about natural black hairstyles, and how can we celebrate natural hair textures in the same way we celebrate every other hair style - as a form of personal expression, and with freedom from judgment.   It's crazy to think that even now in 2015 the scrutiny that women have to face just by wearing their hair in it's naturally curly state - but for many women of color that is still a reality.


Recently singer Solange Knowles had to defend herself against extremely negative criticism she received about her natural curls after she was interviewed about her hair secrets for Essence magazine.  These kind of negative attacks are nothing new - but maybe now that so many well known celebrities and beauty icons are revealing and celebrating their natural hair we might see a greater shift on public opinion.


Let's hope in the future, and hopefully starting now,  everybody can start thinking of natural black hairstyles in terms of it being just another gorgeous hairstyle option that will become more common in magazines, on tv, in the movies and everywhere else.


Here's one of our Pinterest boards that has some of our favorite natural hair looks and celebrity hair we found to help you get inspired by beautiful naturally curly, kinky hair...

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