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2015 - Top Hair Styles

Hair trends this year range from bohemian chic to ultra sleek.  The boho look is back in a big way, with natural curls, wavy textures and disorderly updos. Other trends we are seeing this year are slicked back pony tails, wet hair looks, steel grey hair color and ultra feminine hair accessories.  On the runways this year we have seen a lot of disheveled braids, messy updos, long windblown waves, naturally textured hair, voluminous blow outs, and more edgy styles suited for a night out at a club - like slick back buns and pony-tails, and the ultra wet hair straight from a 1980's music video.  Some unusual, mixed media type accessories and some very pretty floral embellishments were also a big highlight on the runways for Spring 2015.


Here's the breakdown for each look:


This look personifies the 1970's Festival Girl vibe, featuring center parted, messy and loose hair. Whether you have straight, wavy or curly natural hair, the more natural looking the texture the better.  Everyone looks cooler and younger with roughed-up hair.  To get this overall look, try rumpled hair paired with a sheer Spring dress and some edgy accessories.  The feeling this year is to go for a look that hints at an easy going, low maintenance attitude. For easy boho waves start off by spraying your hair with a volumizer before drying it, try a clean center part down the middle of your head.  Then do a lazy blowdry, add a few extra curls with a curling iron, mainly in the front near your face, run your fingers through to rough the curl up a bit, and use a texture cream or mousse to finish the look. 


Pony Tail Variety

Variations of Ponytails were everywhere on the runways for Spring - from perfectly flawless, slicked back tails to the more loosely tied undone looks.  Pigtails are making a comeback too, with some blown out sixties styled tails, and some more Scandinavian inspired braided tails.


Viking Braids

Braids are still a really popular style this year with even more variations and twists than last year.  Multiple braids in one style is big - for example, small top braids looping from the top of the crown, then folding into a long over the shoulder braid.  From the very basic classic braids, corn rowed buns, fishtails, twisted rope styles to small braids peaking out of long waves, the sky (or your fishtail skill level) is the limit.  Long braids look particularly pretty with softly ombred locks that gently fade from one color to another.


Heart shapes and bows along with classic crown buns are a fun look for Spring and Summer this year, as well as Japanese-inspired knotted buns. Messy looking top buns give a sweet, off duty ballerina twist to the boho trend.


Wet Hair Look

Slick shiny looks were a big hit on the runways for Spring, especially with a clean part down the middle, sometimes combed back into a low pony, pulled up in a tight bun, or brushed straight back with lots of volume on the crown, giving that straight out of the shower look.


The bigger the better when it comes to this 1960's inspired look.  Whether in a fancy updo, some flirty pigtails, or loose and bouncy, teased hair, hot rollers and voluminous blowouts with lots of finishing spray are what you'll need to get this sexy, kitten like look.


Brightly colored hair flowers, mixed media fascinators, matching print fabric ties, jewelled pins and headbands are this years must-have accessory, and can add that extra something to make a statement with any outfit this summer.


Orderly-Mess Updo

Sexy, disheveled buns and pony tails, half falling out braids and lazy looking twists with surf hair texture are super hot for summer this year.  The trick is to create that just-fallen out of bed look with purpose, and just the right amount of rumple.


Mauve, Purple and Steel Grey Hair Color

Variations of purple and grey are big in new hair color trends this year.  There's even a trending hashtag called #GrannyHair.  Don't be put off by the name, this color is extra chic and edgy and very now.  There are tons of examples of variations of this color palette on Instagram and Pinterest.  If you aren't ready to commit, you can try using one of the many varieties of pastel colored hair chalks on the market, which was out after a few washes.


Check out our 2015 Hair Trend Pinterest Board to get your hair inspiration.

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