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Simple Human Sensor Mirror

I recently received this mirror as a gift from my husband, and I think this may be one of the best gifts he's ever given me.   I like to think of this mirror as 'Every Girl's Best Friend', and here's why...

1. Never Leave The House With Makeup Errors Again!

Ever check yourself in the car mirror when you are headed to work and realize you may have some weird uneven makeup happening?  Have you run to the bathroom on your lunch break and spy some out of control eyebrow hairs that you didn't notice before you left the house?  Ever get yourself ready for a night out only to discover later that you put on a little too much eye makeup and you look like a hot mess in all your selfies with your girlfriends? 

Well, this will never happen again if you own this amazing mirror!  You can see EVERYTHING in super high resolution, up close and personal.

2.  So Easy You're Laughing

I love that this mirror stands on its own and can be angled in any direction you need to guarantee the most comfortable, easy experience putting your makeup on, or plucking your brows or whatever you do in your mirror at home.  You will never again have to lean way over a sink or crane your neck sideways, or hold a mirror in front of a light to see what you are doing. 

3. Super Sleek, Modern and Stylish

This mirror is so good looking it's like a new fancy bathroom or vanity table decoration. 

4. No Cords or Bulbs Needed!

The sensor mirror can be recharged using a standard USB cable and has LED lights installed which last for years and years.  It sits on its own on your counter top with no ugly cords hanging around.

5. See Yourself In The Best Light

My favorite feature of the mirror is the automatic sensor lights that light up your face when you lean in near the mirror and then turn off after you walk away.  It's a stroke of genius - you don't even need to touch the mirror for it to turn on.  The LED light circle around the mirror to give you a perfect halo of light around your face that is similar to daylight.  You really can see yourself in the perfect light every time you use the mirror.

6.  Squinting is For Amateurs

The mirror gives you some serious magnification on your face, so there's no need to squint at yourself or lean in really close to see what you are doing.  This mirror is perfect for seeing every little detail on your face.  My makeup looks flawless every time now - it makes it so much easier to apply.


7.  5 Year Warranty

Pretty self explanatory.  For 5 years, if anything bad happens to your mirror you can always have it replaced for free.


8. Best Thing on the Market

The mirror is built with a Tru-Lux light system surgical-grade LED light which provides the full spectrum of color and shows every detail.  If you look good in the light in the mirror, you will look good in any setting.

There are several sizes and magnification ranges available, and they start around $130, up to $200 for the larger model.  Check it out for yourself to see if you think it's worth it.  I love mine!!!

Here's what they say about the mirror on their website...

The sensor mirror lights up automatically. Its tru-lux light system simulates natural sunlight, allowing you to see full color variation, so you'll know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless. And unlike traditional makeup vanity mirrors' bulb lighting, our long-lasting LEDs won't burn out or diminish. The mirror folds down flat and stores easily in its travel case. Recharges with a standard USB port (cable included), and one charge lasts up to 5 weeks. 


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