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Our Favorite Jewelry Trends



The latest jewelry trends on the Spring and Fall runways are fun, flirty and make bold personality statements.  It's all about big, ecclectic hoops, tassels, bright colors and my favorite, shoulder dusters.  Extra long earrings are making a big comeback and we've picked some of our favorite stand out options to share.




Statement Hoops



Hoops are back with some new ecclectic twists.  These classic earrings are now being encrusted with colorful gemstones and other unique features.  


One of my favorite new hoop looks is the mismatched hoop, like pairing one giant chunky hoop with a more subtle, but still similar stud earring.


You can find super luxery hoops that are perfect for date night, or more fun, flirty day time hoops with bright colors, or clear as glass varieties.









Shoulder Dusters





The term should dusters refers to super long earrings that dangle around your shoulders.  This trend is one my personal favorites, since I think they are so flattering and pretty.


The shoulder dusters on the market now come in all kinds of flirty to edgy variations with everything from feathers, to colored gems, flower details and tassels.
























Flower Earrings



Runways have been filled with pretty florals lately, and that includes jewelry.


Everything from pretty, delicate studs to long, chunky earrings, the new range of floral jewelry gives off a particularly modern, girlie vibe.























Mismatched Earrings



Can't find that other earring? No problem.  Current jewelry trends are shunning traditional matching earrings in favor of a more lopsided look.  It's an ecclectic way to make a statement with you jewelry choice.  


Letely, the runways have been filled with variations of hoops, sea inpired pieces, pearls, colorful gems, tassels, and extra long earrings with the fun twist of having a not quite matching mate.


You can expect to see stores loaded with pairs of similiar, but not quite the same earring.  When you wear earrings that don't quite match, you are making a statement of confidence and style that can be uniquely your own.





I particularly like the look of one small earring paired with a similarly styled, but much larger mate.


When choosing a pair of sophisticated mismatched earrings I like to think of this theme:


Their not twins, but they are sisters.


























Layered Necklaces



Long layered necklaces have made a major come back.  The new variety can range from chokers mixed with longer chains, to very delicate layers, to super chunky, heavy necklaces.



Another feature of this trend is that we are seeing a combination of materials together.  You might see fabric necklaces, like bow ties mixed with chains and beads.

























Colored Gems



Brightly colored precious gemstones are having a moment this year.  We are seeing very ornate, chunky jewelry loaded up with brightly colored gems, like rubys, emeralds, citrine and aquamarine.  


Much of the colorful gem accessories on the market now are also combined with the other trends like, extra long earrings, layered necklaces and mismatched earrings.






























Possibly the most fun and  flirty of all the new trends in jewelry is the tassel trend.  Tassels, tassels everywhere. 


They have great movement when you walk and are the kind of pieces you would want to wear when you're ready for the spotlight.  These earrings and necklaces definitely say "Look at me!".


When choosing tassel earrings, look for bold colors to make an extra loud statement and add a pop of bright color to your look.













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